IRON Rock plate models

IRON Rock plate models 2022-04-01T16:15:57+00:00

IRON Rock plates are made for snowboarders. Snowboarding with a plate is easier, because Iron Rock plate bends the board, which can not be compared to bending of some other, similar snowboard plates.
The grip of the snowboard is significantly better and snowboarder does not feel any vibrations during the turn.

There are three basic models- hardness of IRON Rock plate.
IRON Rock plates differ from other similar plates in fact, that the weight of every model is the same, so snowboarders can choose the model without the fear, that the hardness of the plate will not let them enjoy every single turn because of the weight of the plate and inability to bend the plate.

IRON Rock equally satisfies both competitor and recreational snowboarders in three different versions:




Recreational snowboarders can choose their own Iron Rock based by their needs. Snowboarders of every quality classes can use maximum advantages of IRON Rock plates.